2. Rachel Revere Park

Street or Other Address: North Square

Digital & Degree Coordinates: 42.363567,-71.053567; N42 21.814 W71 03.214

North Square/ North End. The first Africans slaves arrived in Boston in February of 1638, eight years after the city was founded. In 1693 a group of black North Enders, mostly enslaved, formed the first black church society in Boston. Reverend Cotton Mather allowed the group to use the building of the Second Church in Boston (North Square) for worship. By 1705, there were over 400 slaves in Boston and the beginnings of a free black community in the North End. In 1718, Cotton Mather opened a school for Africans and Native Americans in the North End.

Facing Paul Revere’s House: He is well-known in revolutionary history, for the “midnight ride of  Paul Revere” but lesser known in that he engraved a picture of the Boston Massacre.  His engraving portrayed the mulatto Crispus Attucks, first casualty of the Revolutionary War, as white, copying the first painting of the Massacre.

The American Revolution was a turning point in the status of Africans in Massachusetts. At the end of the conflict, there were more free black people than slaves. When the first federal census was enumerated in 1790, Massachusetts was the only state in the Union to record no slaves.





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